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SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties Office Team

Meet Our Office Team

We've got an awesome Office Team here at SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties that keeps us all on track. The team is led by our Office Manager, Becca Smith (middle), who joined us in 2014, and includes two Job File Coordinators, Rebecca Sinor (left) and Kati Mai Keyes (right).

SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties Reconstruction Team

Meet Our Reconstruction Team

We have a great Reconstruction Team here at SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties. It's led by Division Manager, Dakota Brent (top middle), and includes two estimators, Michael Britton (top left) and John Reilly (bottom left), and two project managers, James Witcher (top right) and Chandler Richardson (bottom right).

Water Damage In Kitchen

After Repairs

Once the structure in reading dry then the repairs process begins. This photo is taken from the same spot as the before picture. Here is what the finished product looks like.

Water Damage In Kitchen


This picture shows what a kitchen looks like in the first stage of a water damage. On this specific job we had to remove flooring and drywall in order to dry out the structure.   

Meet Our Marketing Staff

Meet our marketing team! Brice Cordell is our marketing manager and has been with the company since 2013. Ryan Goad is a marketing representative and has been with the company since 2017 and Katie Sellens is our marketing coordinator and has been with the company since 2014. Our team is involved in the local chambers and rotaries and enjoys being a part of many other community events and organizations.

Meet The Owners

Bob and Lori Pospisil began their SERVPRO® franchise journey in 1996 from the comfort of their own home. Since they began in their home, they have purchased another franchise, which was sold in March of 2017 when they purchased SERVPRO® of Sumner County, they have begun the process of selling the franchises to their daughter (Heather Sullins) and her husband (Cody Sullins) along with his twin brother (Cory Sullins), built another building at their current location to provide room for more growth, which they quickly out grew and are in the process of building a new location in the Sumner County area. Although there have been ever evolving changes within the company allowing growth and new opportunities for the Pospisil’s and Sullins, they hold tight to their commitment to continue to serve all of the communities and provide the best service in their areas.

Meet Our Production Team

Not all super heroes wear capes! This group of gentleman work very hard to ensure that SERVPRO® of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties customers are taken care of promptly and with great care. Because SERVPRO® of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson County is open 24/7 to assist with any damages our customers may have, these fine fellas often put in long hours. If you find yourself in need of our services, rest assured that our production crew has your best interest and home at the forefront of their mind. You will always have an IICRC Certified technician on site to assess the damage and find the best possible solution and drying plan for you and your family.

Sewage Backup

Yuck! A sewage back up is not something that anyone wants to be faced with in their home or business. I mean it’s a pretty crappy situation….right? Okay, all jokes aside, we see this in our customers’ homes more often than we would like. When the sewer system backs up it can come back into your home or business anyway that it would leave your home or business. Toilets, showers, sinks, any source with a drain is susceptible. If you find yourself in this situation call SERVPRO® of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson County at 615-672-1905 to ensure that your crappy situation can turn into a happy situation.

Why Exhaust Fans Are Important in Your Dickson County Home

Bathrooms are a high humidity area in your home. Exhaust fans in bathrooms are meant to pull humidity from the air and duct it to the exterior of the home. Properly installed bathroom exhaust fans will rid the air of excess moisture, humidity and odor. This exhaust fan was not properly installed and did not have the proper insulation on the ducting, which in turn caused it to condensate and mold began to grow.

Efflorescence and Mold in Cheatham County Basement

If basements do not have proper ventilation or are not properly sealed they can begin to have moisture problems, causing efflorescence or mold to grow. This photo shows a sealed basement wall with efflorescence and mold present.

SERVPRO® of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties Assists With Gatlinburg Fires

SERVPRO® of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties assisted with the damage caused by the fires in Gatlinburg. The smoke and soot was so thick from the fires it affected many properties and businesses over a vast area. The smoke and soot coated the outside of structures and made its way into the properties and businesses affecting the contents. Our teams were grateful to have the opportunity to serve Gatlinburg, its residents, business owners and patrons during this time.

Ice Dams - Are You At Risk?

Snow is pretty and fun to play in, but in large amounts it can cause severe damage. When Boston received an overwhelming amount of snow in a short amount of time, there was no time for the snow to melt completely. It became compacted on and against houses and other structures. As the snow continued to fall and there was just enough sunshine in between for the snow to melt and re-freeze it began to find its way into homes, leading to damage.

Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding in this Robertson County Home

Heavy rainfall caused a creek to rise and flood this Robertson County home. The homeowners retreated to the roof of their home as the water continued to rise. As the pictures show, the bridge was washed out making it very difficult to gain access to the home. When our teams arrived to begin servicing the damage, they were transported by pick up truck across the creek. The home sustained significant damage throughout and our teams worked tirelessly to mitigate the damage.

Alternate Power Sources During Storm Events

Storm events typically span over a large area, causing electricity to become scarce until the lines are able to be repaired. If electricity is not completely down, many times the amount of power needed to dry a home or business is more than what the home or business is wired for. We obtained and placed a generator on this job site to be able to run our equipment and dry the structure.

Our team from Robertson County Aides with Out of State Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson, and Dickson Counties was happy to help this small business in South Carolina become a success story when they got them back up and running in record time after suffering flooding from a local storm. SERVPRO is always "here to help".

Mans Best Friend

When our teams travel for storm events they work long days and nights to accomplish as much as they can for the customers that are affected. They meet many different people in many different walks of life that are all going through a very trying time in their lives. This little fella brought a smile to our teams faces as they were completing work for one of our customers. In storm situations it’s always the little things that mean the most.

Dickson County Resident Returns Home to Water Damage

A Dickson County homeowner returned home to a leak in his upstairs bathroom. This was just a portion of the damage that our office was called out to mitigate, clean and repair.

Burns, TN Home Affected By Water Damage

At SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties our team is thoroughly trained to mitigate damages such as, water, fire and mold. Our office received a call regarding a water damage in Burns, TN. After arriving on site and assessing the damage one of our team members found it beneficial to create a drying ‘tent’ in the crawlspace on the bottom of the sub-floor to assist in the drying process. This allowed the flooring to dry much more quickly.

Water vs. Tile

When drying tile in this Goodlettsville home, our teams created a ‘tent’ over the affected area to better direct air flow from the equipment that was placed. Doing so allows the area to dry more rapidly.

Water Damage to Goodlettsville, TN Home

An upstairs toilet overflowed and caused quite a bit of damage to this Goodlettsville home. When our SERVPRO team started the drying process they felt that it was beneficial to hang containment to help with the drying process.

Frozen Pipe Causes Damage to Greenbrier Home

A frozen water pipe caused damage to a finished basement in Greenbrier, TN. Luckily they called SERVPRO of Robertson County to mitigate the damage. We had teams working around the clock to get to customers quickly.

Customer Pack Outs

Here at SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties we understand that when we receive calls for damages the customer is going through a traumatic time. Fire damages can be exceptionally hard on our customers and we take pride in making sure that all contents are cleaned and boxed correctly to avoid additional damage.

Water Damage at Springfield, TN Church

A Springfield, TN church found a water damage caused by a toilet overflow that likely happened the evening before. SERVPRO of Cheatham, Robertson and Dickson Counties was called to begin extraction and set drying equipment. Our teams worked quickly to make the damage “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage at Dickson County Day Care

A day care in Dickson County had a water damage to their facility that originated from the laundry room. As a business that provides care to children on a daily basis so that their families are able to attend work, time was of the essence. Our trained SERVPRO technicians arrived and began the mitigation process so that the facility could return to their regular routine as soon as possible.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in White House, TN

Businesses receive a lot of foot traffic and that is especially true in the health care field. Our SERVPRO team completed a carpet cleaning for a health care facility after business hours to ensure that their daily business was not interrupted, but their facility was clean and presentable to their customers.

Shower Install Gone Wrong in White House, TN

Our office received a call from a White House, TN resident, stating that he had remodel work completed in his bathroom and his bathroom smelled musty. The homeowner advised that the contractor that he had install the shower advised that there had been a small leak from installation and he had taken care of the problem. When our project manager arrived on site to inspect, he was getting wet readings throughout the bathroom. Unfortunately, the entire shower had to be removed along with insulation in the crawlspace. We completed a mold remediation before the new shower was installed.

Mold Caused By Water Damage in Cheatham County Finished Basement

We received a call from a Cheatham County resident regarding standing water in her finished basement. She advised that she didn’t go downstairs often and when she discovered the damage it had already began to mold. Our teams completed a complete pack out of the contents and mitigation to the structure.

Crawlspace Remediation in Robertson County

Our team completed a mold remediation for this Robertson County resident. After the mold was removed our teams removed and replaced the vapor barrier as well, to aid in conditioning the crawlspace.

Mold Growth in a Springfield, TN Crawlspace

Because of the weather here in Tennessee our office is called often to inspect crawlspaces for mold. This Robertson County homes crawlspace was one of the worst our teams have seen.

House Fire in Pleasantville, TN

This Hickman County home had extensive smoke damage after a fire started in their home. Our teams were ready to help with the cleanup process and get them back in their home as soon as possible.

Robertson County Factory Fire

Our team sprung into action to help this Robertson County Factory get back to business within 48 hours after a fire broke out at their facility. We are always “Here to help.”

Fire at Springfield, TN Dental Office

Our teams use sponges to clean soot and smoke from fire damaged buildings. These sponges show the amount of soot transfer and are a great resource. Our teams went through an abundance of sponges cleaning up a Robertson County Dental Office after it caught fire.

Robertson County Commercial Cleaning

Our team did some spring cleaning for a large industrial facility in the Robertson County area. Whether or not you need emergency services or a deep clean we are always “Here to help.”

Robertson County New Construction Damaged By Water Leak

A Robertson County home in the process of being built, had a leak in the kitchen area. While inspecting the property our team found additional damage to the crawlspace from water seeped through the sub floor and floor vents.

Commercial Smoke Damage in Goodlettsville

These trucks and supply trailer are just a few of the resources we used to clean and restore a 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Goodlettsville affected by smoke damage. The entire facility and its contents were cleaned in just 5 days. The owner of the business couldn't believe how quickly we were able to clean his facility, while still allowing his business to operate.

Commercial Fire/Water Damage in Dickson

These are a few of the resources we used to restore this fitness center that suffered a fire damage and subsequent water damage. The top 2 photos show a 5,000 CFM Desiccant Dehumidifier paired with a 175 kw generator used to dry the building. Once the building was dry we removed the fire damaged materials then cleaned and deodorized the entire building.

Commercial Smoke Damage in Goodlettsville

This is the supply trailer that was used to clean and restore a 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Goodlettsville affected by smoke damage. This trailer is essentially a "mobile hardware store." It contains everything we needed to clean the entire facility and its contents in just 5 days. The owner of the business couldn't believe how quickly we were able to clean his facility, while still allowing his business to operate.

Smoke Damaged Home in Springfield

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Springfield when we arrived on the scene. This photo actually shows the living room adjacent to the kitchen. As you can see, most of the home was affected by smoke and soot. However, we were able to clean this house in just a few days. The homeowner was thrilled with the results.

Drying a Crawl Space with a Heat Wagon in Dickson

This photo shows our "heat wagon" drying a crawl space in Dickson. We use this process routinely to dry unconditioned areas like crawl spaces, while other drying equipment is drying the inside portion of the house.

Smoke Damaged Living Room in Ashland City

This photo shows a smoke damaged living room in Ashland City caused by a cooking fire. You can see the smoke and soot damage on the walls and ceiling. We were able to clean this entire house and its contents and furniture in under 2 weeks. The homeowner was especially happy with our work.

Commercial Smoke Damage in Goodlettsville

This photo shows part of our crew cleaning the ceiling of a 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Goodlettsville affected by smoke damage. Our abundance of resources and man power allowed us to clean this entire facility and its contents in just 5 days - and the business was able to remain operational throughout these 5 days.

Commercial Flood Damage in Springfield

This business in Springfield suffered a water damage caused by a flash flood. You can see the brown water covering the hallway tile. We used our 5,000 CFM Desiccant Dehumidifier and over 100 air movers to dry the building out in a matter of days. More importantly, the business was able to remain operational during this time. The owner of the business was extremely happy with the result.

Smoke Damaged Bathroom in Springfield

This was the after math of an electrical fire in Springfield. This photo of the bathroom shows significant smoke and soot damage on the bathroom floor, counter tops and bathroom fixtures. Fires are particularly hard on homeowners as they see most of their home and belongings covered in soot, so it's especially rewarding when we're able to help our customers recover from them.

Water Damage in Springfield

This photo shows the drying process of a water damage in Springfield caused by an ice maker supply line. The kitchen and living room were damaged in this home; however we were able to dry the area in just a matter of days.

Mold Damage in White House

This mold damage in White House was caused by a water damage that wasn't discovered for over a month. The homeowners were at their winter home in Arizona when a frozen pipe burst and caused a massive water damage. They arrived in the spring to an entire house filled with mold. We performed a mold remediation on the entire house and were able to have the house ready for repairs in under 2 weeks.